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MTE14 Logo T-Shirt

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Commemorative MTE14 T-Shirt

MTE14 logo design by BJ Nicholls featuring the view from inside sauropod’s mouth of Mesozoic ginkgo leaves and a hangingfly — Inspired by the paper Jurassic mimicry between a hangingfly and a ginkgo from China, by Yongjie Wang et al.

Shirts are unisex traditional fit tees in cotton fabric, available in adult sizes from small up to 6XL. Shirt size availability will be limited for late registrants (after April 1, 2023) and there will be a limited number of additional shirts being available for purchase at the event. Event registration online includes one Commemorative T-Shirt. This item allows you to purchase additional shirts.

Please note that shirts are for pick-up at the MTE14 event during in-person registration only. We cannot ship shirts.

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