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January 13, 2022 Meeting With Speaker Andy Connolly

Our January speaker, Andy Connolly is an educator at the Natural History Museum of Utah. After getting his Masters studying mosasaurs at the University of Kansas, he worked as a seasonal ranger at Fossil Butte National Monument and Grand Teton National Park before moving on to the NHMU in 2019. He is part of the Museum on the Move program which involves visiting public schools across Utah and teaching the natural sciences to elementary students. Andy’s talk is entitled, 

From the Field to the Classroom: How to Inspire a New Generation of Paleontology Detectives through Inquiry-Based Learning

Spoiler alert — the secret weapon is fossils! Andy will give pointers and tips how you can use your fossils, virtually or in-person, to create engaging material for students.

January 13, 7:00 PM Mountain Time

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