UFOP Provides Grant for Upcoming Dinosaur Book Focused on Utah's Cedar Mountain Formation

The Great Basin Chapter’s board recently voted to provide a grant of a $2,500 to the author Christa Sadler to assist with publishing her upcoming book about the Cedar Mountain Formation titled, Dinosaur Frontier: Utah at the Dawn of the Cretaceous All of the needed new illustration work including artistic reconstructions of dinosaurs and their ecosystem are being funded by the author. The Great Basin Chapter of Utah Friends of Paleontology is helping with the financing illustration work. The Chapter is excited to support the book and paleoart, especially since the Chapter’s advisor, Dr. James Kirkland, is the technical advisor on the book. The book is scheduled for publication by Indiana University Press in 2025.

If you would like to help fund this book’s publication, you can donate at the book’s GoFundMe page.

Sadler’s other paleontology-themed books include: Dawn of the Dinosaurs – the Late Triassic in the American SouthwestWhere Dinosaurs Roamed—Lost Worlds of Utah’s Grand Staircase, and Life in Stone: Fossils of the Colorado Plateau. Visit the author’s website at this-earth.com