October 26 — Gastonia Chapter meeting, BLM Acting Field Manager David Pals Presenting an Update on Mill Canyon Tracksite

An imagined dinosaur scene just after the asteroid strike that caused a mass extinction, from the "Nova" documentary on PBS. Credit: BBC Studios

Gastonia Chapter Monthly Meeting, 
Wednesday October 26 at 6:00 PM
Grand Center’s Front Conference Room

Beginning at 6 PM on Wednesday, October 26th, our final monthly meeting for this year will be back in the Conference Room at the Grand Center in Moab. After our brief business meeting we’ll hear an update from David Pals on their project at the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Tracks Site. Then we’ll show Dinosaur Apocalypse – The Last Day, an exceptional PBS Nova episode examining the impacts on dinosaurs and other life 2,000 miles away on the day the asteroid hit the Yucatan Peninsula 66 mya.

Masks are no longer required in this Grand County facility. We hope to see you there!