Utahraptor reconstruction at BYU

"The Dinosaurs of Cedar Mountain" GoFundMe Campaign to Raise Seed Money for Utah Paleontology Book

A team is raising seed money to create a new popular book about Utah’s Lower Cretaceous Cedar Mountain Formation. The book’s working title is, The Dinosaurs of Cedar Mountain. If you’ve heard of Utahraptor, you already know a little about the formation, but there is a lot more to it than one dinosaur. This one formation alone is responsible for producing nearly half the known dinosaur species from Utah. Please consider donating to the GoFundMe campaign to help make this book a reality

Author and paleontologist, Christa Sadler, MS, will write the book – with Dr. James Kirkland from the Utah Geological Survey as technical advisor. Sadler (www.thisearthpress.com) is the author of several popular books about the paleontology of the Colorado Plateau and the Southwest, including Life in Stone, Dawn of the Dinosaurs, and Where Dinosaurs Roamed. Dr. Kirkland is the Utah State Paleontologist and has worked in and supported research in the Cedar Mountain Formation for more than three decades.