Andy Connolly

Gastonia Chapter Talk, February 23, 2022: Volunteer Opportunities – Mill Canyon Tracksite Update – Talk by Andy Connolly

Our next UFOP Gastonia meeting will begin at 6 PM on Wednesday, February 23rd in the Front Conference Room of the Grand Center in Moab. As always, our meetings are free and open to the public.

Our business meeting will include updates on our financial status, two new volunteer opportunities that are in the works, and an update from the BLM Moab Field Office on the situation at the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Tracks Site.

Following the business meeting, Andy Connolly, School Outreach Coordinator at Natural History Museum of Utah, will present From the Field to the Classroom: How to Inspire a New Generation of Paleontology Detectives through Inquiry-Based Learning.

Per Grand County requirements in their facilities, we will use social-distancing and masking.