From dinosaurs to trilobites, Utah is world famous for its fossils. The Utah Friends of Paleontology is dedicated to public involvement in paleontology, for the citizens of Utah. The only qualification for membership is an interest in fossils. Why rely on books and television to learn about Utah’s heritage, when the Utah Friends of Paleontology offers hands-on activities? Learn about fossils and the science of paleontology through participation in local chapter activities: lectures, demonstrations, museum visits, field trips, excavations, laboratory work, and paraprofessional training opportunities. Join the Utah Friends of Paleontology.


Objectives of the Utah Friends of Paleontology:

1. To promote popular interest and education in paleontology and related subjects.

2. To sponsor and encourage the formation and development of local chapter of members throughout the State of Utah, and by and through such means to preserve and protect the paleontological resources of Utah for the mutual benefit and enjoyment of all.

3. To encourage the involvement and support of local museums and educational institutions in paleontology.


Statewide Officers

President: Lee Shenton

Vice President: Bill Biesele

Treasurer: Tim Bussian

Communications Officer: BJ Nicholls


Statewide Managers

Education Manager: Deanna Brandau deebrandau@gmail.com

Public Relations Manager: Jean Acheson


Statewide Advisors:

Martha Hayden

Jim Kirkland