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Wednesday, May 31
Gastonia Chapter Meeting

The Gastonia Chapter in Moab is happy to present
Tiny Jurassic Furballs: a New Small Vertebrate Site in the Morrison Formation, Grand County, Utah
by Brian Davis.

"The Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation laid the foundation for our understanding of life during the Age of Dinosaurs, and despite nearly 150 years of study, there is still much left to be learned about this ancient ecosystem. Though famous for its iconic dinosaurs, the Morrison also preserves small vertebrates such as turtles, lizards, and mammals. A new site discovered in 2015 in eastern Grand County, Utah, has potential to shed considerable light on the smallest members of the Morrison vertebrate community. Preliminary work so far has yielded a diversity of tiny mammals represented by relatively well preserved fossils, many of which are unknown from elsewhere in the Morrison. Mammals from this site will improve our understanding of the evolution of characteristics, like feeding and sensing their world, that helped our earliest ancestors flourish during the Mesozoic."

Wednesday, May 31, 6:00 PM, Zions Bank conference room, 330 S Main St, Moab, Utah. Free and open to the public.


August 23 – 27, 2017
SVP 77th Annual Meeting
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Calgary TELUS Convention Centre

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