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Utah Friends of Paleontology
Symposium and Annual Meeting

St George, Utah
April 28 through April 30, 2017

Utah Friends of Paleontology Southwest Chapter and the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site are proud to host the 2017 Annual Meeting of Utah Friends of Paleontology.

The meeting will feature paleontology talks, a poster session, a keynote speaker, barbecue dinner, and field trip.

Please visit this page for information updates, and follow UFOP via Facebook or Twitter @utahpaleo #UFOP2017 for event announcements.

Paleontologist Bill Parker at Petrified Forest National Park

 Photo by David Velk



Friday, April 28, 2017

6:00 – 9:00 PM   Registration & Reception at
St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm

Saturday, April 29, 2017 (see schedule details below)
Dunford Auditorium, Browning Learning Resource Center, Dixie State University

9:00 AM


11:15  AM

1:30 PM


3:05 PM


3:55 PM


6:00 PM


Speakers and posters


Keynote: Dr. Bill Parker,

Petrified Forest National Park


Speakers and posters


Awards, election, & board of trustees


Speakers and posters


BBQ Dinner at Highland Park,
1250 N Highland Pkwy.,

Washington, UT (Dinner orders are now closed, but bring your own —
all are welcome!)

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Field Trip meets 7:15 AM at St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm - trilobite hunting near Panaca, NV

Keynote Speaker – William Parker

Triassic Park: Paleontological Investigations
Into the Upper Triassic Chinle Formation

Utah Friends of Paleontology and the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm are proud to announce this year's UFOP Annual Meeting Keynote Speaker - Bill Parker  Vertebrate Paleontologist, Chief of Science and Resource Management at National Park Service. Bill comes to us from Petrified Forest National Park, a Triassic national treasure.

Bill has been a professional paleontologist for the U.S. Federal Government since 1999 and joined the National Park Service in 2001. In 2002, Bill initiated the current paleontology research program at the Petrified Forest National Park, which has published nearly 50 papers on Triassic geology and paleontology.

Bill's specialty is Triassic archosauriforms, in particular a clade of animals called aetosaurs. Bill is a research associate at the Museum of Northern Arizona and an adjunct faculty member at Northland Pioneer College. Bill presently serves as the Chief of Science and Resource Management at Petrified Forest National Park where he oversees programs in Geology, Paleontology, Ecology, and Archaeology.

Saturday Schedule Detail


9:00 am

9:20 am

9:40 am


10:00 am


10:20 am

10:35 am

10:55 am

11:15 am


12:00 am

1:30 pm

1:50 pm


2:10 pm

2:30 pm


3:05 pm

3:35 pm


3:55 pm

4:15 pm

4:35 pm

6:00 pm


John Foster

Jesse Pruitt

Martin Lockley


Brian Engh


15 min. break

Robert J. Gay

Scott Madsen

Bill Parker, Keynote


1 hr. 30 min. lunch

Deanna Brandau

James I. Kirkland


Tracy Thomson

ReBecca Hunt-Foster


Bill Biesele

Gerard Gierlinski


Greg MacDonald

Andrew R. C. Milner

Executive Board Meeting

BBQ Dinner at
Highland Park


Trilobites and Other Cambrian Biota of the Great Basin

Digital Paleontology; Visualizations and Restorations

New and Large Dinosaur Tracksites from the Kayenta Formation of the
Moab Area

Tracking True Thunder: Reconstructing the Enigmatic Eubrontes Printmaker at the Poison Spider Dinosaur Trackway


The Paleontology of Bears Ears National Monument: An Overview

The Utahraptor Project: A Progress Report

Triassic Park: Paleontological Investigations Into the Upper Triassic
Chinle Formation (1906-Present)


UFOP Certification Program, Classroom Modules

Utah preserves North America’s Oldest Cretaceous Dinosaurs Because of
Ancient Salt Deposits

Form and Function of Vertebrate Claws with Application to the Deinonychosauria

Evaluating the enigmatic Early Cretaceous Ornithomimosaur Record in
North America

Awards, election & board of trustees

Mid-Cretaceous Dinosaur Track Assemblage From the High Moulouya Region
of Morocco

Sloth Tracks: A Few Footnotes

The Late Pleistocene Champlain Sea of Eastern North America




Registration $25.00

All are welcome to attend the dinner in the park. Dinner orders are closed but you are welcome to bring your own food.

Field trip is free
Bring your lunch and drinks.

Anomoepus design 100% cotton T-shirt $20.00
Online orders are closed, shirts in limited sizes can be purchased at the event.
V-neck women's or crew neck unisex

Please note: these shirts are for pickup at the Annual Meeting in St George, we cannot ship shirts! If needed, we will arrange to get your shirts to your next chapter meeting.



Ramada Inn 1440 E. St. George Blvd. (435) 628-2828 $89+tax

Days Inn 150 N. 1000 East (435) 673-6123

Hampton Inn 53 N. River Road (435) 652-1200

Comfort Inn 138 E. Riverside (435) 628-8544

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Interagency Visitor Center (435) 688-3200

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